We conduct alterations and repairs on our own suits and other brands.

Please do not post your suit to us prior to contacting us. Doing so may result in delays processing your order.

Lead Time

Alterations on new suits to achieve a perfect fit are done as a priority, and usually turned around within 1 week, regardless of the lead time quoted for new orders or other alterations.

The lead time for other alterations or repairs is listed on our homepage alongside our new order lead time. 

The alteration lead time can vary significantly throughout the year as alterations are dependant on availability in the workshop and in the office, so if our office team are busy then the alteration lead time may be longer than the lead time for new orders.

Nobody wants to be without their suit for a long period of time, and we also have limited storage space, so we will typically look to book an alteration in and only ask you to send the suit to us shortly before the work is scheduled.

Example: The alteration lead time is 6 weeks, and you send an enquiry 1st January regarding your alteration. During January we will exchange emails to confirm the work that is required, and at the end of January we will ask you to post your suit to us. When we receive your suit we will send an order confirmation / invoice, and the alteration will be completed and returned by 12th Feb (assuming payment has been made).

Information Required

Please provide as much information as possible when contacting us requesting an alteration. We usually require the following information to provide an estimate:

InformationNotesGood Examples
Job descriptionPlease include measurements where appropriateThe booties are 1" too long

The suit is tight around the chest and waist. I need 4" adding to the chest circumference and 3" adding to the waist circumference.
Suit type and brandWe do alteration work on our own and other brand suits. Different models and different brands have different constructions which affects the way the alterations can be done, as well as using different materialsI have a Symbi FS suit

The suit is a Tonfly Uno 618 sky
PhotosA picture paints a thousand words - from a few good photos of you wearing the suit, we can gain a lot of information.
MeasurementsAs well as measurements of the alterations to be done, appropriate body measurements following our measuring guide are also often useful - especially if you also have the original measurements that the suit was made toI've attached the original order form for the suit, and here are my current measurements for the torso:
Body: 29
Chest: 41
Waist: 34
Hip: 38
Return addressPlease provide a full return address and phone number so that we can return your suit to you after the work is completed

If any required information is missing, we will reply to confirm what further information or photos we need.

Example of a helpful descriptionExample of a description requiring further clarification
Hi, I've got a Bev Suit which I purchased second hand, the suit fits me well except the booties which are slightly too long. I need the booties shortening by about 2" - I've attached photos of me wearing the suit. My inseam (taken by the Symbi measuring guide) is 29.5". Is there anything you can do?Hi, I've got a suit with booties that are too long, can you shorten them please?

Order process

Once you have sent the alteration request / information to us, we will estimate the time and materials required for the work and send you an estimate. The price shown on the estimate is subject to change once we have inspected the suit.

We will confirm when the suit can be sent to us. Once we receive the suit, we will inspect it to confirm that the estimate is valid, and we will send you an invoice / order confirmation. This may not be the same as the estimate given previously.

If you are happy with the price on the invoice, you can make payment to confirm that you are happy for us to proceed with the work. If it is the same as the estimated amount, we will proceed immediately.

If the confirmed / invoiced amount is the same or less than the estimate, we will proceed with the work as planned, and payment will be required prior to shipping the suit back to you. If the invoiced amount is higher than the estimated amount, we will require payment before starting work on the suit, as you still have the option to cancel if the confirmed amount is more than you are willing to pay.

Once the work is completed, the suit will be returned to you at the address provided.


You may send the suit to us by your own method (Post Office, Courier, Skydiver post or otherwise), or we can arrange shipping via our Fedex account. Please indicate your preference when contacting us about your suit.

Please wash your suit before sending it to us! If we have to wash your suit before working on it, a £15 washing fee will be added to your invoice, or the suit will be posted back to you at additional expense.


Every alteration is unique, and it is impossible to provide a confirmed price until we have inspected the suit, which is why we provide an estimate by email, and a confirmed price once we have received the suit. However, the table below gives an approximation of the cost for typical alterations and repairs.

Alterations to other brand suits are typically higher, as it takes additional time to understand the construction methods used and to determine the best method for producing the desired result.

Multiple alterations in the same area will often decrease the overall cost, as the deconstruction (unpicking) may serve for both jobs. e.g. changing the bootie length and replacing the bootie soles.

JobTypical cost
Symbi Suit
Typical cost
Other Brand
Replace press studs (2x pairs)£20£20
Replace bootie soles£40£50
Fit or replace booties£80£100
Take in at chest and waist£40
Take out at chest and waist£60£75
Shorten booties (up to 1.5")£40£50
Shorten booties (over 1.5")£80£100
Lengthen booties£80£100
Replace body zip£60£75
Replace forearms£40£50
Increase body length (up to 1")£40£50
Patch hole(s)£20 - £100£20 - £100

This table is only for indicative purposes, and your quote may be higher or lower than the figures shown in the table.