This article is designed to help compare the changes to the options available on our FS suits from 2018 onwards.

Our latest forms are designed to be a simple as possible to understand for a skydiver looking at them for the first time, but will take some adjusting for dealers and loyal Symbi customers who may be used to the old options. Referencing this document should help, but please feel free to contact us should you require further assistance.

Fall Rate

Pre-2018 (Rob's era)2019-20212022-MaterialsNotes
Lopo / Standard Fit
Fast / Standard FitFastTaffeta (slippery) frontExcel and Lopo/Std were the same fit suit with different options. Recommended for 4 way / competition suits - taffeta fronted
Lopo / Loose FitFast / Loose FitNot available
Not recommended in most cases, but may still be available by special request
Poly / Standard FitAverage / Standard FitAveragePolycotton fronted
Poly / Loose FitAverage / Loose FitSlowPolycotton frontedEquivalent to most other manufacturer's "Slow" suits, and the most suitable option for people with a naturally faster fall rate
SlowpoSlowExtra SlowPolycotton fronted, zero porosity lined at backVery slow suit, baggy and lined at the back. Generally for heavy bigway jumpers.

The Excel suit was the "Competition Suit" with additional reinforcing. We now add the extra reinforcing to al our suits.

The loose fit Taffeta fronted suit is not recommended in most cases. If you want a Taffeta fronted suit with space for additional winter layers, we recommend getting measured in your winter layers.

The loose fit Polycotton fronted suit is now listed as "slow" on the new order forms. This is the right suit for the majority of people who need to achieve a slower fall rate, and is roughly equivalent to the slow version of other manufacturer suits. One of the reasons we made this change was to emphasise that the Slow/Slowpo suit is exceptionally slow, and is not necessary for most people.


Pre-2018 (Rob's era)2019-20212022-MaterialsNotes
No bootiesNot an option / now included in base price of FS suitNot an option / now included in base price of FS suit
All FS suits now include booties in the base price. For a belly suit without booties, look for the AFF suit
Standard bootiesSpecial request onlySpecial request only
PolycottonPolycotton booties don't hold their shape as well, or create as much drag
Cordura Mega bootiesStandard Pleated bootiesStandard Pleated bootiesCorduraWhat was introduced as the "Mega Bootie" is now the standard option. We improved the shape a little in 2021
Vented Mega bootiesSpecial request onlySpecial request onlyCorduraGood for giving a big fall rate range, but not very effective for precise turns. Useful for specific bigway suits, not recommended for 4 way
--Non-Pleated Competition bootiesCordura
Ballistic (coming 2023)
Our newest design, without pleats and shorter, the shape is created by strong tension knee to toe.

In 2021 we made all our booties slightly shorter, to ensure the wearer can easily get tension on the bootie. For more info, see our bootie specification.

Non-Pleated competition booties are recommended for experienced flyers / competitors, and take more training to learn to fly effectively.

Pre-2018 (Rob's era)2019 - 20212022 -Notes
Zip & Pop Stud ClosureStandard on all suitsOptionOptionNot available on new competition bootie
Elastic BackedSpecial request only
OptionOption - recommended
Bungee bootieSpecial request onlySpecial request only
Special request only
Not recommended due to very high wear rate

Since 2021, we've sized elastic backed booties based on a show circumference measurement. Prior to this, all booties were based solely (pun intended!) on shoe size.

The elastic backed booties have a slightly better shape than zip and pop stud, and for this reason we recommend them by default. They are also less prone to failure, due to the reduced number of moving parts.


FeaturePre-2018 (Rob's era)2019 - 20212022 -
Single arm gripStandard
StandardStandard - (new bidirectional design due mid 2022)
Double arm gripOnly available on ExcelAvailable on all suitsTBC

Single (outside) leg gripStandardStandardStandard
Double (inside) leg gripPaid optionPaid optionStandard

The leg grips were shortened in 2021 so that they don't extend as far down the calf, since grips should be taken from the knee or higher. This has also reduced the weight of the suit.

Around 2018 the grip size was increased from 38mm to 44mm. In 2019 we introduced a slimmer 25m grip option.

The latest arm grip, due for launch later in 2022, is intended to negate most benefits of double arm grips.